The on-site energy savings in co-ownership
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A new site for the energy retrofits:

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The new website" "explains how to do it properly an energy-efficient renovation of condominium.Here is how this website explains the arguments to present to the owners, in a move towards energy-efficient renovation serene...


The co-owners agree to engage in a project of energy renovation when they consider that the latter meets a "need" felt and shared.

Therefore, it is not only with economic calculations " cold "arguments of a purely technical nature and mathematical equations resulting in "rates of return on investment," that we may be able to mobilize the co-owners in favour of an ambitious renovation project.

"Reduce the bill" and control the expenses

The first need which can be shared by the various co-owners, it is the need to ensure that the costs decrease or at least they are under control.

It is in this way that the work aimed to improve the energy performance have an added value compared to renovation work " basic ". Recent increases in energy tariffs weigh on the expenses of the household and are generally interpreted as a risk for the future. However, the energy savings are alone not a sufficient motivation to embark on an ambitious and costly program of renovation.

That is why, it is necessary that the objectives of improving the energy efficiency fit in a more holistic that involves other dimensions, such as the maintenance of heritage, the improvement of the comfort and enhancement, and aesthetic.

Respond to a need of repair

This can foster the consensus between the co-owners in favour of a project of renovation, incorporating an energy dimension, it is also the need to respond to a need of repair or refurbishment of an item of structure or equipment : to achieve a facelift to refurbish a facade décatie, resume the sealing of a roof that is leaking, change a boiler collective that reaches the end of its life, upgrading a heating system is faulty, but also a network of water.

The condominium can then take advantage of the opportunity to optimize and make profitable the interventions that it is called upon to undertake by giving them a dimension of "energy" : insulation a roof deck or attic lost, outside insulation of the facade, installation of a boiler powerful...

Solve a problem of comfort

The problems of comfort can also bring together the co-owners and encourage them to vote in favor of a project of energy renovation.

Indeed, it is often because homeowners and tenants are too cold, too hot, or that they are faced with problems of infiltration, humidity, or noise of a condominium is required to vote on significant improvements energy.

Protect the value of its assets

Whether it be cost control, responding to repair needs, or to solve a problem of comfort, all these elements contribute to a common goal that can be shared by all co-owners, be they occupants or landlords, young or old : to protect the value of its assets.

Renovations – including energy – that is, in fact, not only be able to realize a gain on the sale of his property but also and especially to protect herself from a possible impairment if nothing is done.

Benefit of public funding

The public support can be mobilised for the work, leading to a decrease in energy expenditure, may also constitute an argument in favor of this type of work): Tax credit, eco-Ready-to-Rate-Zero, the aid of theANAH (national agency of housing), aid from ADEME aid" Live Better ", aid local authorities(Region, departments, agglomerations, cities, etc.).

Some of these aids have been developed to support the co-owners of modest means might be put in difficulty by making of the work. However, public funding represents an argument that should be handled with caution and it is necessary to well-informed because their operation is complex, and the attribution rules may change from one year to the other.

"Protect the planet "

The protection of the environment is also a register should be handled with caution because even if the sensitivity to these issues is increasingly shared, it remains a subject that can be interpreted by some as matters of personal beliefs or political commitments.

It is easier to gather the co-owners around the concrete needs of their building.

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