The on-site energy savings in co-ownership
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The ventilation

29/04/2010 • (Comments off on The ventilation)

The essential ventilation



A new label " FRANCE GREEN TECH ".

26/04/2010 • (Comments off on A new label, " FRANCE GREEN TECH ".)

Un nouveau label « FRANCE GREEN TECH ».

Eco-industries the French use this label

The French offer online on the WEB

HQE international

The eco grants

25/04/2010 • (Comments off on The eco grants)

Les éco subventions

A new help to finance the work

But with conditions of income

combined, all the same, with the eco-loan at zero rates

What is the difference between primary energy and final energy ?

16/04/2010 • (Comments off on What is the difference between primary energy and final energy ?)

the primary energy is around

the final energy is that which is useful to us because we consume it

FABRICE HAIAT Ceo of VIZELIA GREEN,energy management

12/04/2010 • (Comments off on FABRICE HAIAT Ceo of VIZELIA GREEN,energy management)

the energy management is to optimise the consumption to avoid leaks and mess, and reduce the final invoice.The company VIZELIA offers a tool interesting for the water management of the gas and electricity via the Web. 1. What is Vizelia in terms of energy savings? Vizelia Green is a web-based platform that [...]

Photovoltaic panel

09/04/2010 • (2)

Photovoltaic pannel, more commonly known as ACP, will give you all the basic information you should know before to choose, or not, to embark on a solar investment. Price, operation, installation, conditions, the solar panel will no longer have secrets for you. You will have the opportunity also to request a quote online.