The on-site energy savings in co-ownership
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The bank loans to " green "

27/09/2010 • (Comments off on bank lending, " green ")

All the loans to the "green" offered by banks

How to properly finance its work of energy savings

Loans at zero-rate or reduced

The label Eco-Artisan : a must!

25/09/2010 • (Comments off on The label Eco-Artisan : a must!)

5000 craftsmen trained in the new techniques of the work of energy savings

A new label is essential for good workers

and good work

The certification " HERITAGE TITLE "

23/09/2010 • (Comments off on The certification " HERITAGE TITLE ")

As the hotels,the condominiums are going to be stars!

A certification useful in the event of resale

More and more the value of a building will depend on its energy balance

Sustainable development in condominiums

11/09/2010 • (Comments off on sustainable development in condominiums)

Le développement durable dans les copropriétés

Become an " eco-condo "

Renewable energy in condominiums

contracts for energy performance in condominiums