The on-site energy savings in co-ownership
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The corporate social responsibility (CSR)

31/05/2011 • (Comments off on The corporate social responsibility (CSR))

La responsabilité sociale des entreprises (RSE)

The impacts of an enterprise on the environment

Sustainable development strategies

Being "socially" responsible investment

Certification american " LEED "

29/05/2011 • (Comments off certification american " LEED ")

La certification américaine "LEED"

A product of the "green business" well-known in the world.What are the buildings certified in France?

The equivalent of our standard " HQE "

A points system :

The car-pooling in the buildings

29/05/2011 • (Comments off on The car-pooling in the buildings)

Carpooling in buildings can be a source of great savings,

and be good for the planet as a result of the reduction of the C02 emissions it generates.

It also promotes good neighbourly relations.

the profession brings together and features a standard such. common !

The recycling of waste from demolished buildings

26/05/2011 • (Comments off on The recycling of waste from demolished buildings)

Can we build with the waste of the building demolished?

A home test in Belgium

In California a home with the wings of a Boeing 747

New legislation in 2013

The CO2 emissions (greenhouse Gas emissions) in buildings

20/05/2011 • (Comments off on CO2 emissions (greenhouse Gas emissions) in buildings)

The residential buildings:a challenge for the fight against the réchaufement climate

the new energy in condominiums

Kyoto protocol,purchases of rights to pollute