The on-site energy savings in co-ownership
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The financial aids of the ANAH

30/06/2011 • (Comments off on The financial aids of the ANAH)

An organization not to be overlooked for financial aid effective

Eco-bonus and eco-subsidies of all kinds

Useful for all types of work

CURITIBA, capital ecological BRAZIL

28/06/2011 • (1)

A city shown in example by the UN for its respect of the environment

Gifts distributed to the residents sort their waste

A model of organization, solidarity-based socio-economic

The savings in condominium unit... including the work of energy savings

05/06/2011 • (Comments off on The savings to condominium... including the work of energy savings)

L’épargne en copropriété... notamment pour les  travaux d’économies d’énergie

The savings fund works

The multi-year plan of work

It combines with the ECOPRET HAS a ZERO RATE: the figures given by the Ministry