The on-site energy savings in co-ownership
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Certificates of Energy Saving (EEC) in condominiums

30/09/2012 • (2)

An efficient way to finance the work of the energy savings of the building

The european Directive "ENERGY" 11/09/2012 requires States to multiply

A new profession: broker in EEC

The FNAIM site launches information about these premiums in association with EDF

"The comprehensive audit shared of the building ",effective solution for collecting

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The regulation of lead in drinking water in buildings

27/09/2012 • (Comments off on The regulation of lead in drinking water in buildings)

La règlementation du plomb dans l'eau potable des immeubles

A Directive co-ordination on the content of lead in drinking water, regulates the obligations to be complied with from 31 December 2013. Here's what's being said in the town Hall of Paris on its website: piped drinking water supply in my building are in the lead. Am I in violation ? – YES, but not in [...]

Symposium franco-quebecquois on the co-ownership

14/09/2012 • (Comments off on Symposium franco-quebecquois on the co-ownership)