The on-site energy savings in co-ownership
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The energy savings in the law of 10 July 1965 on the co-ownership

27/02/2013 • (Comments off on energy savings in the law of 10 July 1965 on the co-ownership)

How to make decisions for energy savings in the general assembly of co-ownership ?

The gist of the legislation and case-law.

What are the work favorite of the French in terms of energy savings ?

How to decide the co-owners to do any work energy?

26/02/2013 • (2)

Comment décider les copropriétaires à faire des travaux énergétiques?

The brakes are not systematically the finances of the co-owners !

The "passage to the act" is complex.What are the springs of the Decision of the condominium ?

The necessary information or training of the co-owners so that they can get to decide.

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Urban ecology: the project " DRAGONFLY "

25/02/2013 • (Comments off on The urban ecology: the project " DRAGONFLY ")

Condominiums farm

The city to the countryside

Farms in a tower


20/02/2013 • (Comments off on THE BUILDINGS "GREEN" LABELLISES " BREEAM ")

The equivalent of the british of the French label " HQE "

or the american " LEED "

2 office buildings have received exceptional skills BREEAM in France

Condominiums English may be certified...

Valuation property of the condominium after energy renovation

20/02/2013 • (Comments off on the patrimonial promotion of the condominium after energy renovation)

A person interviewed in Italy explained that it is a region where the energy certification "Casa Clima" has become a symbol of social for the people, as it once was, the fact of having the Mercedes car in his own garage.

Sometimes, we stole the plate of some of the buildings ...

the "green value" in the customs...

Habitat, " participatory ": a new mode of life in common

16/02/2013 • (Comments off on The habitat, " participatory ": a new mode of life in common)

L’habitat "participatif": un nouveau mode de vie en commun

An organization of the building and of the neighborhood around common principles

An example of the " cohabitat "

The self-management of eco-building and eco-district

A revolution in condominiums :the new economic and social relations via the WEB

The influence of the behaviour of the inhabitants of the building on energy savings

10/02/2013 • (Comments off on The influence of the behaviour of the inhabitants of the building on energy savings)

L'influence du comportement des habitants de l'immeuble sur les économies d'énergie

The famous "rebound effect" of energy savings

It is likely to be offset by the energy savings without having a behavior " virtuous "

The responsibility of the occupants of buildings and the efforts of local communities


10/02/2013 • (Comments off on THE "GREEN VALUE" : BUILDINGS are "GREENED" MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!)

The "more" of a green building.

How to calculate this more, this "green value ".

The studies made on the subject in France,Switzerland,the USA,in Quebec...

The latest study of The european Commission (June 2013): + 4.5% market value per energy class in some cities !

The impact in FRANCE, calculated by the statistics of Notaries

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Certifications and energy labels, and environmental : building 'green'

10/02/2013 • (Comments off on Certifications and energy labels, and environmental : building 'green')

Make the buildings "green" : All the labels you need! In the whole world!

It's inevitable,soon required and in all cases recommended to increase the value.

A building or an apartment labeled " green ",it is the insurance to make the difference!

All of the accommodation at the BBC ? The new BBC 2012,

The new label BEPOS for the buildings to positive energy

The Contract of Energy Performance (CPE)

08/02/2013 • (Comments off on Contracts for Energy Performance (EPC))

Les Contrats de Performance Energétique (CPE)

A new profession of the future: specialists performance Contracts energy

A tool box of the energy performance

In France, after the USA and Japan

A first condominium unit at NOGENT-SUR-MARNE

What are your thoughts on condominiums ?