The on-site energy savings in co-ownership
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Condominiums best: Congress in MONTREAL on 8 and 9 may 2014

24/04/2014 • (Comments off on condos best: Congress in MONTREAL on 8 and 9 may 2014)

Les copropriétés exemplaires: Congrès à MONTREAL des 8 et 9 mai 2014

Quebec, France and Belgium are now united for a same cause: to define what are condominiums ideal. To be able to better understand what type of home, the Observatory co-Ownership of the Copy in French (OBCEF) has recently been created. This new entity is the result of a process since several years, already, so [...]

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The "sustainable development" and inexorable habitat condominium

11/04/2014 • (Comments off The "sustainable development" and inexorable habitat condominium)

Le "développement durable" et inexorable  de l'habitat en copropriété

The condominium is a French invention exportable

the departments more " green "

the evolution of the loads of joint ownership in France

Aids, the financial subsidies and the tax system "green" condominium

03/04/2014 • (Comments off on aids, the financial subsidies and the tax system "green" condominium)

To finance the work in order to perform energy saving,the aid of all kinds are numerous, but scattered.

How to find ?

The appropriations of taxes to be "green" are very effective but it must also go " find "!

The new LOAN RATE ZERO (PTZ+) is here:

Even the hypermarkets are distibuer aid "green" in various forms...

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The perfect destination for living abroad in a co-ownership copy

02/04/2014 • (Comments off on The perfect destination to live abroad in a co-ownership copy)

La destination parfaite pour vivre à l'étranger dans une copropriété exemplaire

The Observatory condominiums best francophone is launched between FRANCE, BELGIUM and QUEBEC pending the extension to other countries, for example Switzerland. It comes to assessment of condominiums that will meet 1OO criteria exemplary as chosen by the Observatory, which has its headquarters in MONTREAL, and performances in PARIS and BRUSSELS [...]

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