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The Plan of France for its energy efficiency delivered to BRUSSELS

23/05/2014 • (Comments off on The Map of France for its energy efficiency delivered to BRUSSELS)

Le Plan de la France pour son efficacité energétique remis à BRUXELLES

The department has delivered on the 24th of last April's national action plan for energy efficiency (NEEAPS 2014) to the european Commission. Objective : increase by 20% the energy efficiency of the EU by 2020. The member States were required to submit no later than April 30, 2014 (and then every 3 years) their national plans, in application [...]

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The accommodation in ile de France

06/05/2014 • (Comments off on The accommodation in ile de France)

Les logements en ile de France

What changes in the Ile de France for 30 years ? The notaries of Paris/Ile-de-France have released a study very complete and dense information on the evolution of real estate markets in the Ile-de-France over a long period of time. We will see in this first part it is demographic changes in the population of paris and we will compare the [...]

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