The on-site energy savings in co-ownership
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The raising of buildings in PARIS by PLANETE-SURELEVATION.COM

29/07/2014 • (Comments off on The elevation of buildings in PARIS by PLANETE-SURELEVATION.COM)

La surélévation des immeubles à PARIS par PLANETE-SURELEVATION.COM

THE SURELEVATION, NEW TRACK OF URBAN DENSIFICATION PROMOTED BY THE CITY HALL OF PARIS.It is left for the operation of the " land air ".PLANET SURELEVATION welcomes the exploitation by the Paris city hall the track of the elevation of buildings to achieve its ambitious goal of 10,000 housing units created per year. The recent signing of the covenant [...]

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The " cohabitat "

27/07/2014 • (Comments off on The " cohabitat ")

Le "cohabitat"

The experiences of the "cohabitat" in France

The philosophy of sharing in a common habitat

Of the condominiums that have a " supplement of soul "...

The index of the best cities in Europe green

23/07/2014 • (Comments off on The index of the best cities in Europe green)

L'index des meilleures villes vertes en Europe

Paris,10th in class out of 30
The French capital is ahead of London,Madrid and Rome
Efforts have been made to the buildings,but remains transport,large emitters of CO2...

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The program "LIVE BETTER" to aid in financing the work of the ANAH

08/07/2014 • (Comments off on The program "LIVE BETTER" to aid in financing the work of the ANAH)

Le programme "HABITER MIEUX" d'aide au financement des travaux de l'ANAH

Living Better is a program to help the financing of the work of energy renovation including co-ownership organized by the ANAH. To live better, it is a financial assistance: to allow for thermal refurbishment works to : • heat well and win in comfort; • reduce the amount of the invoices. To live better, it is : •a [...]

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Obligation to work to save energy in GENEVA (SWITZERLAND)

03/07/2014 • (Comments off on Obligation to work for energy savings in GENEVE (SWITZERLAND))

Obligation de travaux d'économies d'énergie à GENEVE (SUISSE)

At the time of the talk is to establish the obligations of work of energy savings, we felt it was useful to learn about what is done in Switzerland is very efficient, knowing that the works are défiscalisables. Good lessons on a device that Brussels could ultimately be inspired to make it mandatory in the Union [...]

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01/07/2014 • (Comments off on THE TITLE IN ITALY)


The condominium is governed by sections 1117 to 1139 of the civil code. It allows to reconcile the private ownership of certain parts of a building and the ownership of other parties. These articles of the civil code does not define the condominium, but lists the common parts, the object of the joint property, and to lay down rules [...]

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