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A new seal of quality of the housing " NF HABITAT HQE "

19/03/2016 • (Comments off on A new Label of quality housing " NF HABITAT HQE ")

Un nouveau Label de qualité des logements "NF HABITAT HQE"

Like the shock of simplification advocated by the government, CERQUAL Qualitel Certification and CEQUAMI facilitate the certification of buildings with the creation of a single repository, available since the 15th of September, for all the stakeholders of the sector and all the projects. The goal is to " simplify the signs of quality and to consolidate [...]

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04/03/2016 • (Comments off on INCREASE in INEXORABLE OF the " BUILDING GREEN ")


The website "CONSTRUCTION 21" explains the revving up of "green" buildings in the world in the following manner: the total number of buildings in the so-called "green" (holders of a certification under LEED, BREEAM or GreenStar) going to double by 2018. This growth will be primarily driven by developing countries (including Brazil, [...]

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The condominium's ideal: "the city of The fada" or " bobo-ization of the copro "

21/05/2015 • (Comments off on The condominium ideal: "the city of The fada" or " bobo-ization of the copro ")

La copropriété idéale: "La cité du fada" ou "la bobo-isation de la copro"

A time where one seeks the criteria of a management of " condominiums copies ", it is not useless to recall the idea that had the builders of condominiums after the war, at the time of the reconstruction, which would enable the maximum of people to stay in the most economical means possible with the comfort. The architect of THE [...]

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ABU DHABI, sustainable development champion and DUBAI, green city

09/11/2013 • (Comments off on ABU DHABI, sustainable development champion and DUBAI, green city)

The Emirates are at the forefront of research on renewable energy

MASDAR CITY:the city zero energy constructiondans the desert

First buildings certified " green "

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The High Environmental Quality (HQE)

10/07/2012 • (Comments off on The High Environmental Quality (HQE))

This French label a building "green" is becoming more and more known.

The repository for buildings "tertiary" is reproduced in extenso in this article.


Controversies and criticisms on the HQE ...

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