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A new seal of quality of the housing " NF HABITAT HQE "



Like the shock of simplification advocated by the government, CERQUAL Qualitel Certification and CEQUAMI facilitate the certification of buildings with the creation of a single repository, available since the 15th of September, for all the stakeholders of the sector and all the projects.

The goal is to " simplify the signs of quality and to bring together the skills to make certification more readable and more simple ".

Over 125 000 housing units have been the subject of an application for certification in 2014.

If the importance of a label in the valuation of a property is demonstrated, individuals, professionals, and communities were calling for a simplification for clarity. Up to now, not less than 16 certifications in addition to according to the typologies of actors and projects (NF detached House, Habitat & Environnement, NF Housing, Heritage, Habitat, NF Renovated House...).



for a better readability for individuals, purchasers of housing units,
a recognition of the quality of work of professionals, as well as tools to support them in daily life,
a valuation of the public policies of communities.

At the end of these reflections, tripartite working groups have created the certification " NF Habitat, associated with the mark HQE.



It will affect the housing markets, residences, services and medico-social establishments and will be issued by CERQUAL Qualitel Certification for the collective housing and houses in the subdivision and by CEQUAMI for detached houses. NF Habitat and NF Habitat HQE concern both new projects as those under renovation/rehabilitation.

It is open to all slot players : sponsors, donors, builders and home improvement professionals, trustees of condominiums, offices and local authorities. NF Habitat is a unique repository, which comes in the form of application according to the operation type.



A repository enriched, which includes more of the energy transition, the overall cost of the building and the digital

The certification "NF Habitat, associated with the mark HQE, covers the main lines of the certification" NF Housing, which existed for the construction projects of collective housing. The logic remains the same : set goals for quality and performance while leaving the professionals free of their technical choices, design, and organization.

NF Habitat unfolds around 3 axes, from the frame of reference of the sustainable building of the association HQE, as presented in the table below : quality of life, respect for the environment and economic performance. Items in dotted lines are still being developed and will be offered in 2016 and in 2017.




The main developments at the level of the application relate to :

the energy transition, with the taking into account of climate change, preservation of biodiversity, the accessibility to transport for the occupants,
the approach in terms of the overall cost of housing, including the cost of use and the loads on the life of the building,
the digital photography with the introduction of the book digital (cf Law of Energetic Transition to Green Growth) and the deployment of the housing connected with the platform, Gisele, which dates back to the information and guide the locals on the operation of the equipment in place, the permeabilization of the soil.






(Release of the EB SENOVA)

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